Time Decay is a heavy metal band from Zagreb, Croatia,  formed in March 2014. After the recorded demo album "Aeonglass" in 2015, the band starts live promotion in Zagreb clubs and festivals (Vintage Industrial Bar, Hard Place, Valhalla Metal Festival and others) and participates in the biggest Croatian demo competitions (HGF, Croatian Demo Club 2016-2018). He changes the line-up in May 2019, gathers new members and starts working on a new album called "Life To Fall Apart". Current Lineup: Vocals: Filip Perković Guitar: Mihovil Eljuga Guitar: Mihael Munta Bass Guitar: Toni Brzović Drums: Miho Dujnić With some ideas created a few years ago, Time Decay focuses on writing new songs and creating a completely new sound. Unlike the previous demo, the new album sounds more complex, more heavy and prog. The new album was completely recorded and mixed in their Garage INC studio. directed by Mihovil Eljuga, Miha Dujnić and Filip Perković. Life To Fall Apart is an album that was written during the corona and lockdown. He was inspired by apocalyptic scenes from the world and political aspects and control that disrupted the normal life of people, the absurdity of war, historical events, religions, the current state of society. . After all these events, our lives are slowly returning to normal, and Time Decay finally presents its new album to the public. At the WACKEN METAL BATTLE competition (under the leadership of the jury Mimi Burr and Linda Harris) at the Bikers Beer Factory and opening the concert for Paul Di`Anna THE BEAST RESURRECTION TOUR (Ex Iron Maiden) at the Boogaloo Club in Zagreb in 2023



Players Scott Wardell (vocals guitar), Andy Jackson (guitars vocals), Chris Mayes (drums & vocals) and Wayne Dowkes White (bass & vocals) finally came together just prior to the world shutting down in 2020.  


Rather than dwell on not being able to bring their collective talents to the stage, they started the socially distanced writing sessions that bought the plot for the house they were about to build.  Each man brought a different musical path to the band, and you can hear them all as the album unfolds.  


Eclectic influences ranging from classic rock, funk, emo, nu-metal and melodic rock are mixed perfectly across the ten songs and brick by harmony laden brick they build a unique sound that transcends all the aforementioned genres.  


The house is a veritable musical mansion and when you add in stellar song writing that is equally at home penning stadium anthems as they are challenging difficult life situations such as depression, alcoholism, and Alzheimer’s you start to realise ‘This House We Built’ are not simply here to rent, they are a long-term musical mortgage investment.


The band have also just released their very own craft beer ‘This Beer We Built’ this will also be making an appearance at festivals up and down the country, the idea with this is to help fund their second album, “the more folks drink our beer, the more recording time we get! Everyone’s a winner ;-) say’s Vocalist Scott Wardell.


The band are keeping very busy and have several festivals planned up and down the country this year, they are also halfway through writing their second album and have just been given the opening slots to Tyketto’s up and coming Winter tour.


Here’s what Danny Vaughan (Tyketto) said about their self-titled debut album:


These guys can really write songs. I was taken from jump around the room, fist pumping anthem rockers like "Fairweather Friend" and "We Are, We Are" to having my heart torn out by the emotional beauty and daring of "Fly Me Up To The Moon" and "Old Haunts”. Frankly, there's not a duff song in the bunch. And the production!!!  This sounded as sonically huge and complete as any of the very best classic rock albums. Think Motley's "Dr. Feelgood" or King's X's "Dogman".


Band members, instruments played, and hailing from:


Scott Wardell - Vocals & Guitars – Pickering, North Yorkshire

Andy Jackson - Guitars & Vocals - Scarborough, North Yorkshire 

Chris Mayes - Drums & Vocals - Scarborough, North Yorkshire 

Wayne Dowkes-White - Bass & Vocals - Scarborough, North Yorkshire 




SoulCity is a Brazilian soul music band. Always with a lot of groove, arrangements that have metals and refined harmonies from our MPB. Our influences range from Steve Wonder to Marina Lima, from Sade to Tim Maia, Prince to Tom Jobim. Soul, r&b and mpb, a mix that works The band is produced by the multi-instrumentalist Leandro Maciel -Bass player, drummer, arranger and composer. The band : Leandro Maciel Bass and Drums . Luy D'Souza Guitar . Camila Caetano Voice .Claudio Cambé trumpets, Diego Felipe Drums in concerts.




The Crooked Smiles are a 3-piece pop-punk/emo band from Sheffield, UK. The trio have crafted their tone over 2 EP's, before releasing their debut album in 2022. Combining the raw garage sounds of the late-90s pop-punk scene with a more melodic and polished sound of Mid-Western Emo, The Crooked Smiles put a unique spin on power chord anthems, fueled by poetic lyricism, break-neck drums, and roaring guitar lines.

 Founded in 2019, lead singer and guitarist Michael Rodber met drummer Declan Quick loitering inconspicuously outside the toilets of a local rock club. The two quickly bonded over Declan's Alkaline Trio shirt, and drunkenly promised each other they'd start a band together, and to their surprise they did! At first, practices were nothing more than an excuse to whale along to early 2000's pop-punk. Before long, and with the help of a friend of the band jumping in for additional guitars, the two strived to cobble together something resembling a song. After a late night coach trip back from a blink-182 cover band show, the lyrics to their first single, Pins and Needles, was put to paper, before the two hit the studio. Later on while on a University trip to the heart of Edinburgh, Rodber bumps into the future bassist of The Crooked Smiles. Over a couple of beers and a stroke of luck at the hostel bar, Michael and bassist George Allen to struck up a conversation on music, before ideas of grandeur (local pub shows) were floated across the table. When the pair returned to Sheffield, George was introduced to Declan, and The Crooked Smiles as you know them were born.  



Michael Rodber - Vocals/Guitar

George Allen - Bass​​
Declan Quick - Drums



Born from the pain and suffering of the 2020 Pandemic. The Cage in your Head is the tortured sonic noise manifested by extreme dark metal artist Darren Daneliuk. From the cold dark winters of Winnipeg Canada, Darren and co-conspirator, producer and artist David Asher unleashed “A Light to Summon the Dark” in March of 2021. The follow up “Brother of Damien” released in December of 2021 is just as vicious.The new concept album ‘Me, Myself & Hyde’ promises to be the most dynamic and shows growth in the writing and music. About two dueling personalities who just don’t get along and the consequences of sharing a head with voices wishing you to commit suicide. The Cage In Your Head has expanded its members. Mike Hinz joins in and wrote 1/2 of the guitar solos for the album and will be contributing on going forward. An incredible guitar player and soloist. Joshuah Jones from ‘The Obsidian Resurrection’ guest stars on “A Harrowing Decent Into Madness’s” with his bass as well as his writing skills on the music structure of the song. Jasen Bellamy provides the albums final track ‘Only One of Us Walks Away’ This is the first single “A Nightmare You Couldn’t Even Imagine” kicks things off fast and energetic heavy little number. As the human race continues to spiral out of control. The Cage in your Head will continue to document humanities decay via the brutality of frequencies that follow…

The Cage In Your Heads Darren Deneliuk confronts head on the uncomfortable subject of suicide and speaks out on the need for it to be handled head on!

"Suicide. An uncomfortable word. A topic no one wants to talk about. A cry for help? Or an permanent decision? There are many reasons why people do what they do. And many are not always clear. But every situation is uniquely different. Many feel that it’s a selfish decision. That it’s taking the east way out. There are many stigmas with this topic. And none of them are helpful. Dealing with someone with the ideation isn’t easy. Most people shy away from the topic never mind the person suffering from depression. Because it makes them uncomfortable. Imagine how the person feels when everyone backs away because they are scared to talk about it. We need an open dialogue about the topic to educate and dispel the notion that every person feeling lost are selfish, that they take the east way out. This type of shaming doesn’t help anyone. Especially the person suffering from this affliction. There could be many different reasons and illnesses being dealt with. And every person and situation is different. Let’s talk!" Darren Daneliuk


 Single Brass Faction ( El Paso, Texas ) is debuting their new track "Breathless", a single of their upcoming album "Lands and grooves".

Single Brass Faction is now a solo singer-songwriter known as Gil Faction, at the helm. Gil describes his music as "Rock with a pinch of country and a splash of whiskey". 

Influenced by a huge range of genres including but not limited to rock, country, rap, classical jazz, metal, pop, blues, americana, bluegrass, and more; Gil boasts a unique sound that truly sets him apart from other musicians.




Riiver Brukes has been making waves her way. Scottish born and currently Canadian, Riiver Brukes is a prime example of someone not requiring a lot of teaching. Her unusual gritty and soulful voice brings a powerful edge to some amazing hook laden songs, and is influenced by a broad spectrum of genres and artists, but especially her passion for jazz and blues. Rising through a foundation built from various bands including pop band Cicero (#11 European Dance Charts), Edinburgh’s very own Riiver Brukes releases her first solo album, ‘Reformed Soul’ (co-written and produced by Joe Segreti: Bruno Pelletier, Mooch). Music that oozes nothing less than the attitude, character and soul of this Scottish Lassie. 

For her latest release and the upcoming EP Riiver has: George Papafilys (Guitar), Andre Bisson (Keyboards), Lewis Orenstein (Bass) and Ben Vezina (Drums) and lastly Kevin Jardine (Production and Engineering).


Sheffield's rising stars of Alternative Metal 'Shadow Smile' return with their new single 'Signed In Blood'.  This is the title track from their crowdfunded debut album expected to be released in coming months. Produced by Daniel Jeffery and Mixed by James Pinder (The Wildhearts, While She Sleeps, Malevolence) at Treehouse Studios (UK), the single provides an explosive taste of things to come from the British outfit featuring Connor McGovern (Vocals), Adam Smith (Guitar), Ethan Goebel-Todd (Bass) and Joe Fletcher (Drums).


After eight successful self-released singles, 'Signed In Blood' shows Shadow Smile have channelled their varied influences (ranging from contemporary acts like Bring Me The Horizon and While She Sleeps to the stadium filling sounds of Metallica, Def Leppard and Queen) into an accessible yet defined take on Metal, perfect for the 21st century. As part of an overarching concept album about the Seven Deadly Sins, 'Signed In Blood' is written from the perspective of Mephistopheles and sees the listener begged, taunted and bribed into selling their soul. This acts as a metaphor for the way in which people are guilt-tripped into following societal trends and often turn their back on their own core values for prizes that simply aren't there. 


Lead vocalist Connor McGovern comments - 'We wanted this song to be a modern take on songs like 'Sympathy For The Devil' by the Rolling Stones where the listener is being told why they should forget their morals and join the dark side. Those songs have always been a lot of fun and fit perfectly with the dark Shadow Smile imagery'.




"Classic Rock with a Ton of Roll"

Hailing from Waterford, Ireland, Forge Hounds is a new and exciting hard rock project that draws on influences from the likes of ZZ Top, Bad Company, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy and Hanoi Rocks to deliver a BIG sound driven by lean and mean guitar riffs, compelling dual vocals and a pumping rhythm section.

Featuring veteran songwriters and musicians Paul J Bolger (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Mick Wall (Vocals / Lead Guitar), Steve Roche (Bass), and Andy Kavanagh (Drums), the members have shared the Stage with the likes of Horslips, Def Leppard, Brian Downey, Olly Murs, Eric Bell, Paul Di'Anno and Mama's Boys, while also having played on releases that were positively reviewed by 80's rock legends Jon Bon Jovi and Robin Crosby of Ratt.






The band Bukolik was created in 2018. The idea of ​​the band is summed up in the name itself, bucolic(a) is an archaic term for idyll. The basis of the band's sound is energetic rock music interspersed with picturesque lyrics and universal messages of beauty and creativity. The band is focused on working on original material in English. The band operates on the route Valjevo-Belgrade-Bijeljina. After a long period of work on the songs, which simultaneously shaped the sound of the band and its members, a cohesion of creativity and effort was created, which means that the band is ready for the next step, which is to present the music to the audience.




Originally derived from the old Marines adage: “You can run, but you’ll just die tired,” one might assume that their music has ominous undertones and potentially dark themes. Well, to Die Tired it is a punk rock way of saying, “Carpe diem!”

Being from various parts of the hills and streets of Pennsylvania, the members of Die Tired all bring their own specific flare and personality to the music. Each member has a slightly different taste in music, but in one way or another, these influences blend perfectly to breathe new life into some amazingly addictive alternative and pop rock sounds.

Die Tired is a multifaceted band, pulling inspiration from classic rock, heavy metal, pop punk, and just about anything else that they can play on a guitar! On stage, their upbeat and passionate performances always leave you wanting more. It’s impossible to not tap your foot, nod your head, or belt out the lyrics to their incredibly eclectic take on rock ‘n roll. It’s a good day to Die Tired!

Die Tired is:

Matthew DeAngelis - Vocals & Guitar

Sean Boyle - Guitar

Jamieson (Jim) Lee - Bass

Brandon Ballantyne - Drums.




With an array of musical influences spanning Flamenco, Thrash Metal, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Grunge, Blues, and Reggae, The Rift forged by brothers and long time friends have made band chemistry that is rare and exceptional in todays fickle genre of Rock.  Audiences are often shocked to see so much noise comes from only two to three players.  With so many different influences the band has learned to blend these genres into their own unique style. 


Aris Anagnos - Vox / Guitar
Ovais Malik - Drums
John Anagnos - Bass


Gedalya also known as The Folk Rock Rabbi is a singer/songwriter based in New York. Exploring themes of faith, hardships, and growth, his music is reaching a growing audience around the globe, touching listener's hearts in every corner of the world.

An avid poet from a young age, Gedalya spent his teenage years writing poetry before taking up piano at the age of 17 and putting his words to music. He began performing at open mics around New York City in his early twenties and has been playing live shows for the past twenty years, gaining a dedicated fan base along the way. Gedalya takes inspiration from his spirituality and his experiences of travelling through different cultures, incorporating his perception of world issues and mankind into his music.

Since 2018, Gedalya has released five Albums 'Man of Faith', 'Pulling Strings', '2020 VisionaryMy Little World and his latest 'Album 2022'.

Presently he is writing and recording new songs for 2023 while performing in New York City venues.

In addition, he also visits prisons, rehabs and hospitals with his non-profit organization 'A New Song USA' which is dedicated to using the power of music to unite, inspire and give strength to people from all walks of life.


Samo duboko is their debut album recorded at Penthouse Studio in Zagreb. The album was recorded live because  live is more Alive, and that single moment in time captured for years to come is enchanted with the imperfect humanity in every musician.
The beginning of Robostrop's journey and whatever he finds he knows he must never judge the book by it's cover. He must dive deep to find a whole another world down there. The adventure begins!
'Samo da ti bude dobro' is their second studio album. They have done their best to retain the vibe of the first album, but also tread on some new ground, as far as sound, arrangement and production of  music is concerned.
The second part of Robostrop's journey. On his travels he discovered life and nature, met lots of different people from different cultures, stumbled upon tough challenges, trials, found friends, family, submitted to crime, enjoyed passion and love, but now he realises that the most important thing is to feel and be good about himself, as well as try to make others feel the same! The adventure continues!
Guitars: Stjepan Kulić and Zvonimir Karanušić
Bass guitar: Mislav Gruber
Drums: Ante Lučić




Zack Dust is an americana/folk/country/blues singer-songwriter. He was born on November 10th 1984, in a small country called Croatia. Even though he was far away from American culture and music, at very young age he developed emotions towards America through music.

He stared writing songs and playing guitar when he was around 11. After many of his bands and projects, Zack decided to record his debut solo record in 2010.

His United States career started when two Los Angeles producers, Jimmy Rip (producer and guitarist for Mick Jagger, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wille Nelson, Television etc.) and Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood, Herbie Hancock, etc.) got interested in his songwriting and singing. After numerous collaborations, Zack Dust got an offer to record his solo record in Hollywood, CA.

His debut album titled „Other Side Of Ocean“ was produced by Hollywood producer Robi Banerji (The Rolling Stones, Crosby, Stills & Nash , Herbie Hancock, Jewel , etc.). Musicians that joined Zack Dust in making of his debut record were Phil Jones (Tom Petty's drummer), Maxayne Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis background singer), Fuzzbee Morse (multi-intrumentalist for Bono Vox, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, etc.). That are only a couple of names that helped him make a record that became an original and emotional breakthrough to everyone who hears it .

Before recording his debut album Zack Dust shared stage with musicians and bands like Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones), Eric Burdon and the Animals, Santana, Solomon Burke, etc. He was also invited to do a live DVD in Hollywood for a „Chrome Heart“ magazine.

Zack already promoted his music in the clubs like „Whisky A Go Go“, „Viper Room“, „Rainbow“ and similar known names in the Los Angeles music scene.




Julie Neff is an indie-pop / alt rock artist who wields her heartbreak into powerful melodies and driving rhythms. Primarily based in Toronto, Neff has taken her music to Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, building on her passion for language and culture along the way. Neff’s vocals are emotionally potent, driving to the core, and helping to process the complex emotions we face each day. Whether you need to have a good cry or belt out your frustrations, Neff’s music is here for you. While her debut EP, Catharsis, focussed on this emotional release, Neff’s upcoming EP Over It shines a light on the open heart needed for vulnerability while planting one’s feet firmly on the ground to create the healthy boundaries we need in our lives.


Abijah - Andrew Smith is a Performer/Songwriter and Record Producer.

He have many tracks including: "Overcome" with Tevin Campbell, Where Is That Love and Revelation. Revelation won the Caribbean Music Expo -CME in year 2000.

Abijah was the Face of Jamaica Tourism and was named peace Ambassador of The Jamaica Healing Of The Nation tour. This tour took him to speak at a number of Universities including: Harvard University in Boston, Oxford University in The UK and to do Shows at the Indian Reservation in Arizona where he was Awarded.

He performed allover the world including Empowerment at a Correctional in New York.

Abijah released on May 13th 2020 the single "Global Wilderness" worldwide. The song was written by Songwriter Ethan Johnson like a movie soundtrack and an epic Novel Superhero Hollywood blockbuster movie. It reminds us to what can happen if we don't Love and Respect each other we will be creating Global Wilderness.




Brookfield Line is a 4-piece rock & roll outfit from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Their piano-driven, harmony-heavy sound draws on popular rock music from the 60’s and 70’s. The band’s energetic live shows feature original material from each of the band’s 3 vocalist-songwriters, arranged in a classic rock and roll style.


Speaking on their new single, the band states:


We’ve played in a Beatles cover band together for 10 years. When the pandemic hit and we had to stay indoors and could no longer perform, it inspired us to write 60’s/70’s rooted rock music using all 4 of our vocals. And trading ideas back and forth online. It ended up turning into a mini songwriting competition within the band. All 4 of us are a part of popular original bands on a separate level so it just made sense to form our own little local super group and continue to perform. We know over 150 Beatles songs together so it’s also become kind of a thing that after we perform our original set that we do a bunch of Beatles numbers to close the night.


We want people to know that there’s still musicians/bands out there that want to focus on harmony and more than just 1 lead vocalist singing the songs. We believe it adds texture and expands possibilities for delivering different types of styles of rock to the audience.”




Guitars – Iain Sutherland

Bass – Lucinda Stevenson

Drums – Chris Watson

Vocals – Dante Efemey

Guitars – Dale Henshaw

Formed in 2020, Tooth & Dagger originally consisted of guitarist Iain & drummer Chris. Seeking a heavier sound than in their previous project, they linked-up with Dante, a versatile and mercurial vocalist, Lucinda, a multi-talented bassist/singer and shredder extraordinare Dale ‘The Snail’ Henshaw. 

The trademark Tooth & Dagger sound is a potent cocktail of brutality and beauty. Thundering, grooving drums; colossal, melodic guitars, and gut-punching bass lay the perfect foundation for vivid lyrics delivered in a mesmerising variety of vocal styles. A Tooth & Dagger song simultaneously catches you with an irresistible hook of melody before bludgeoning you with an iron hammer of rhythm and noise.

With live music restricted in the UK throughout much of 2021, the band used the time instead to develop their unique sound. Under the mentorship of Jonn Penney (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Spairs), the band finished off the year by recording their debut EP ‘The Embers EP’ with experienced producer Simon Henley.

Tooth & Dagger kicked off their UK shows in 2022 by headlining a sold-out Loud and Live presents… at the prestigious Mitre Inn, which the band live-streamed for free to their growing global audience, including fan bases in Norway, the USA and Japan. The band have continued to perform throughout the year while working with Elliot Prudence to finish production on the EP and making the video for second single ‘Sinking Feelings’

Tooth & Dagger are based in the West Midlands, UK


With an alt rock flavor that fans of Pearl Jam, Muse or Foo Fighters would dig on one track, to a pure pop-rock sensibility in the vein of Fountains of Wayne or Jellyfish on another, Rick Eberle has Big Rick Energy indeed. 

Influenced by a wide variety of artists from The Beatles and Elvis Costello to Gavin DeGraw and Hozier, and with a love for British singers like Cat Stevens, Freddie Mercury and Morrissey, Rick Eberle has proven himself to be a unique and versatile singer, songwriter and guitarist on both ends of the musical spectrum. With hard hitting and sometimes dark riffs interwoven with his powerful and upbeat melodic vocals and introspective lyrics, each listen is an aural adventure.

In the band Iridesense (which includes Tara Eberle-Drouin on Vocals/Bass, Rich Drouin on Drums, Rob Viccari on Guitar), where Rick Eberle is a founding member and co-lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist, he has toured the US opening for major acts such as Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors and Sugar Ray and placed songs on the Nickelodeon Network shows Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and iCarly. Rick and the band have several independent label releases - Cool Dream Tomorrow, Iridesense, A Trip Called Life, Secret Constellation and Thought Parade.


Britain's fiercely independent Alternative Metal outfit Shadow Smile announce the release of their epic new single 'Dearly Departed. A deeply heartfelt and emotionally charged track exploring the grief and loss of losing a close loved one. Encompassing a fusion of classic metal and modern electronica - the Sheffield (UK) outfit continues to strive forward, pushing musical boundaries with their original-yet- timeless sound. A fast-rising and exciting new rock act whose sonic concoctions will equally resonate with fans of contemporary metal-core acts like Bring Me The HorizonWhile She Sleeps etc, and stadium metal heavyweights such as Ghost and Avenged Sevenfold
Recognized for their dark theatrical visuals, aggressive yet melodic music, and anthemic vocal hook-lines, Shadow Smile is the latest hot contender to potentially follow in the footsteps of many successful bands that have emerged from Sheffield's ever-thriving music scene. Since forming in 2019, the South Yorkshire quartet has tirelessly built a fanatical cult-following - despite the limitations of the Covid pandemic lockdowns. With previous self-released singles already having been championed by tastemakers such as BBC Introducing, Kerrang! Radio, Hard Rock Helland many more, Shadow Smile now looks to the future armed with a bigger refined sound and relentless ambition to firmly establish themselves on the UK rock scene. Their soaring emotive vocals, arena-destined choruses, explosive metal-edged guitar riffs, and ability to effectively blend modern metal with classic hard rock overtones - will inevitably help them to stand out from the crowd. 
Produced by Daniel Jeffery and mixed by Jim Pinder at UK's renowned Treehouse Studios (Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, etc) - 'Dearly Departed' is one of the band's stand-alone single releases for fans whilst work is underway with their as-yet-untitled and entirely crowd-funded album expected in 2013.
Shadow Smile is Connor McGovern (Vocals), Adam Smith (Guitar), Ethan Goebel-Todd (Bass), and Joe Fletcher (Drums)
Officially released on 29th July 2022 - 'Dearly Departed'  is available on various digital platforms. 
Connect with Shadow Smile 




Fierce Shook are a 3-piece band from Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland (the furthest point in Ireland from any beach) comprising Rob Moore (Guitar, Vocals) and brothers Owen (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Ozzy Holmes (Drums, Vocals).  The band will release their 3rd single 'Astro Turf War' on 3rd June.

The soon-to-released video can be viewed here.

The single is a brief (under 2 and a half minutes) but raucous instrumental surf punk tune that blends influences from Torche, Man or Astroman, Converge, Sonic Youth and Gilla Band into something new and unique sounding. The single is Fierce Shook's first recording as a full band and is marked by a heavier sound and greatly improved production quality on previous releases.

The band was initially started as a solo recording project by Rob Moore to help deal with the boredom of lockdown and the debut ep Fierce Shook Altogether was released back in March 2021. The line-up expanded to a 3 piece in late 2021 following requests from several bands to start playing gigs based on the strength of the music that had been released to date. "Owen, Ozzy and myself had worked together for years writing and recording material before this but it fell by the way side when the pandemic hit. It's great to be playing with them again. The quality of the material that we produce together is miles ahead of anything that I can do by myself." says Moore.

"We would describe ourselves as a punk band in the sense that we're working independently and within the constraints given, whether it's time or money, to create music that we want to hear. It's not about playing to the clichés of the genre. I also think working in a small town away from any notable music scene has allowed us to craft something unique." states Moore "It's allowed us to create music that's fun and interesting for us without worrying too much about the context for it."



Splitski rock sastav Medij objavio je album naziva “Krik”, te prateći singl “Fiat Lux” za koji je snimljen i videospot.

Bend Medij osnovan je 2017. godine u Splitu, a čine ga: Sandro Gerbec (vokal), Marijo Stojan (gitara), Danijel Stojan (bubnjevi), te Kristijan Kordiš (bas gitara). Na albumu gostuje i Mario Salvador (klavir/hammond).

Osnivač benda i autor svih 13 pjesama na albumu je Marijo Stojan, a aranžman potpisuju zajednički svi članovi “Medija”. Žanrovski njihovu glazbu možemo definirati kao rock s elementima grungea i funka. a na zvuk benda svakako su utjecali i njihovi glazbeni uzori “Stone Temple Pilots”, “Alice in Chains”, “Pearl Jam”, te “Red Hot Chili Peppers”.


Raphael Wressnig is not your ordinary B-3 organ player. He confidently brings out the inherent pyrotechnic power and mightiness of the large B-3 console and he is proud of his central role in performing what he calls “organ-heavy soul & funk”. The majestic instrument, the Hammond organ, replaces the singer and plays the leads while its bass register locks in with the drums and carries the band. Wressnig concocts exciting mixed-genre music from his fervid imagination. His fluency in soul, funk, jazz and blues has garnered him the attention of an international claque of critics and multiple nominations, over the past decade, for both the DownBeat Critics and Readers Polls as “Best Organ Player of the Year”.

From New Orleans-style funk to soul and rhythm & blues, Wressnig’s percussive and greasy Hammond sounds conjure dynamic, high-voltage music. Old-school and new-school rendezvous in his style and his sound combines an authentic soul & blues vibe and a “lowdown” feel with a contemporary funk edge for a unique listening experience. Together with his co-conspirators - The Soul Gift Band - he shows the bright potential of soul, blues and funk in a modern world and will give the audience a new way to experience these old genres. Raw and hard-hitting, the nucleus of the band features the skills of celebrated guitarist Enrico Crivellaro and drummer Hans-Jürgen Bart, with the frequent addition of a horn section and vocalists.

There are about 20 albums in his catalog including two live records and highlights such as “Soul Gumbo” or “Chicken Burrito”.  “Soul Gumbo” was recorded in New Orleans and features prominent luminaries from the Crescent City like Grammy winner Jon Cleary, George Porter, Jr. (The Meters), drummer Stanton Moore and R&B legend Walter “Wolfman”  Washington. “Chicken Burrito”  is a tour de force in groove featuring longtime collaborator Alex Schultz on guitar and legendary funk drummer James Gadson. “The trio moves with virtuosic ease while the groove never stops” (DownBeat Magazine)




Debut solo album released 31st March 2022.


Paul Callan releases his debut solo album entitled “FUNZI”, a collection of singles released each month during 2021. (Plus three extra tracks)

Paul says, “FUNZI is the story of 2021. These songs came and in some ways captured the times for me as I travelled through the year.”

“Initially at the beginning of the year my thoughts were to record and release a record for the summer of 2021. A friend suggested releasing one song per month as a way to work on my writing, to make me look at each of the songs as singles in their own right.”

Paul Callan has been playing music most of his life. He was heavily involved in the Dublin music scene and fronted the band “Bobby pulls a wilson” Unfortunately the repeated thefts of his musical works led him to finally run for cover and leave his musical life behind.

That was until circa 2020 when his thoughts turned back to creating music as a way of showing his son who he really was. And the songs started to come.

“To show my boy that you can be who you really are became more and more important the older he got,” He says. “ This is what made me decide that I needed to start making music again”


Paul operates from his one roomed cabin in the woods of Ireland's smallest county.

All songs are written, performed, recorded and produced by himself.

FUNZI (pictured) is an airedale lurcher and is very happy to be the cover girl.


The album can be bought here…


To Kill Porter's (TKP), style is somewhere between Hank Williams and the Sex Pistols, they have a fun and unique sound. TKP plays across Oklahoma and North Texas and is known for its catchy (Sing-A-Long) tunes and and energetic and visual live shows. Formed in Oklahoma City by Jon Aldieri, songwriter and front man, TKP's songs are influenced by life experience, roots, and, women. As the band likes to say, "Get Porterized!"


New music is always exciting but this new music is TKP at it's best. This collection of songs are catchy and fun to sing along with.

Produced by Grammy Nominated Producer, Wes Sharon for 115 Recording.


Of the Sun and the Moon is an italian female-fronted metal rock band, from Mortara (Pavia), born in 2010, and it’s composed of Lory De Lorean - vocals, and John Lorena - guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, songwriter and producer. The debut single, entirely instrumental, released on June 2013, is titled 'Daughter of the Desert'. In that period, several ideas bloomed regarding new original songs ('Everlasting Warrior' and 'Oblivion'), and some demos were recorded. Lory and John, however, also had other plans and programs, always concerning music, and these ended up occupying all the time available. Well, after seven years of recording silence, during which Lory De Lorean also started a satisfying pop, funky, rap, dance 'solo' project (it still carries on, 'Note di Notte' - Jan 2020, 'Senza Lacrime' ft. Bomber MC - Nov 2020), at the end of 2020, Of the Sun and the Moon decided to re-join all the forces, directing’em towards the creation and recording of brand new material. The first track considered, revised and corrected was 'Everlasting Warrior' which became 'Everlasting War'.

It took four months (Dec 2020/Apr 2021) of hard work to complete 'Everlasting War', released on 02 April 2021. It was originally intended to be a slow blues rock, minimal, only guitar and vocals, but, after a few rehearsals, it was immediately understood that the direction would be completely different. The track, whose lyrics compare life to an eternal battlefield, is a 'hybrid', rich in epic atmospheres, dramatic vibes, melodies, as well as in biting grit and energy; in terms of sounds, it’s a mix of '80s riffs and guitars, electronica and indie and alternative stuff.

To create an even more evident contrast, especially on a vocal level, Of the Sun and the Moon strongly wanted the collaboration, as 'special guest vocals', with the US singer/songwriter Frankie McCabe.

YouTube channel

Facebook band page



Paul Dillon is a solo artist Portumna, Co. Galway named pMad. Following a path of introspection with a unique view of the world & what we are doing to ourselves and the planet!

Medicine wants us to believe in ourselves, Hope is the Medicine and it is within! Paul in bands The Suicidal Dufflecoats to The Greeting & now to pMad, records ‘Medicine’ in the middle of a pandemic and it is created in collaboration with Ireland (Zedakube Recording), Germany (Protonaut Studio) & Mexico (Elith Mastering Labs) without ever being in the same room together.

pMad wants his fans to enjoy this melodic tune and understand the reality behind his lyrics and most of all believe in yourself! His debut single ‘Who Am I’ achieved great critical acclaim and now that is followed by ‘Medicine’ the second of his single releases8 tunes, one extended mix & a few remixes have been finalised, mixed and mastered and ready for release in 2021, 'Who Am I', Medicine, Broke, Horror and more. 



"Kheops One" is a rock band originating from Croatia. Band was formed in 2006. by Goran Vedriš and Marko Kovačević (then named "Kheops"). After a longer break, in the early 2020. Goran restarted the band,, with new team of musicians.... 
Hard rock band from Daruvar (Croatia)
Now residing in Germany (Freising/Pfaffenhofen)
In March of 2021, we started gathering musicians for concerts,
and further studio work, so new members were introduced into the band.

Ailyn Mondragon: vocals/back vocals
Tihomir Vučajnk: rhythm guitars
Vladimir Šole Šoštarić: bass guitar
Boris Mrzlečki: keyboards/organs
Johannes Then: piano, organs, and production
Marcus Hauck: drums
Ludwig Maier: Mastering
and  Goran Vedriš: lead/rhythm guitars, songwriter, arranger and lyrics writer.



The Foole is an artist and a concept.
In olden times, the Fool or court Jester, under the guise of entertainment, would also make social statements and speak truths about the human condition.
Born out of the streets of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, this masked multi-instrumentalist  puts the emphasis solely on the music and the stories that are being told.
Stories of love lost, lingering feelings for past relationships, struggles with one's mortality, infidelity, and a few upbeat romps that everyone needs to distract from mundane and sometimes negative world views.
Much like The Beatles later work, no two songs are alike in mood, sound or story,except  the sounds you hear were written , performed, engineered and produced by the man behind the white mask with  a little help from his friends. 

The Debut album "...from this point of view" while a thoroughly modern sounding recording, pays homage to the great artists of the past and present; The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Prince, Radiohead, and David Bowie.
The first single "Don't Call it Love" is a response  to when the one you love decides to leave, and they say "but I still love you "...the one left behind thinks..."if you love me you wouldn't leave", so "Don't call it Love"  is a song that could easily fit any playlist that includes such huge artists as Adele and Coldplay,etc.
There are tracks on this album that may be challenging  for some to listen to, from the hauntingly beautiful ballad "Hey Suicide" which talks to suicide as if it were a character or a person.
Then there's "The Fool", about a friend of the famed "Major Tom" in the song "Space Oddity"  the Foole laments with pain " I miss Major Tom, now that he is gone now" as a tribute to  losing the character and the artist David Bowie that created him.


The Screaming Wheels osnovali su u rujnu 2018. godine dva dugogodišnja prijatelja - pjevač i gitarist Denis Makin i multiinstrumentalist Leo Anđelković. Učinili su to neposredno prije sudjelovanja na desetom Croatian Blues Challengeu, natjecanju koje je održano u Puli, te su Screaming Wheels tada pobijedili u kategoriji najbolji solo/duo izvođač. Kao predstavnici Hrvatske u siječnju 2019. godine nastupili su na 35. International Blues Challengeu u Memphisu - gdje su ih i kritika i publika prozvali "hrvatskom senzacijom".

Iako su počeli kao duo, Denis i Leo odlučili su proširiti bend, tako da su im se pridružili basist Danijel Teodorović i bubnjar Erle Đurđević.


Burlington, Ontario, Canada country pop singer/songwriter Hayley Verrall is a fresh young artist who has quietly but quickly been edging her way into the Canadian country music community over the past couple years with her roots and contemporary inspired original music.

Hayley has been honoured to present her original music opening shows for, working with and alongside other iconic Canadian musicians. About songwriting Hayley says:

“While our musical journeys are all at different points and our original music may differ in style, as musicians I think we share the same inspirations. Our music comes out of our day, from whatever we are doing at the time. We write music about ourselves, our experiences, and the experiences of our friends, family and those we meet. We are always on the lookout for a good story that says who we are but which also feels like it could be someone else’s story, too. We write about life, love and the world, and hope that people will be inspired or encouraged if they are going through the same things.”

An internationally and locally awarded artist, Hayley’s passion for performing and for people has not gone unnoticed and she was recently named the 2020 inductee to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Hall of Fame:

“BPAC is a hub of artistry, both local and national. I have been invited to perform there on numerous occasions and have always been enthusiastically welcomed by staff and audiences and introduced as one of Burlington’s favourite performers. I am so grateful for the ongoing support that both BPAC and Burlington have provided to me and my music.”

Hayley’s new single ‘Side of Small Town’, co-written with Angela Siracusa and produced by Dan Stobbs of MNOW Records, exudes the simplicity and loyalty of small town relationships, like fans loyal to their hometown team. It essentially says if you love someone with that 'side' of small town, that small town simplicity and loyalty, the relationship won't break. The feelings are real, the lyrics are thoughtful and the beat remains strong in this new addition to Hayley’s catalogue.


Mel Maryns is an international singer who currently lives in Cork - Ireland who has been standing out in mass media radio stations in Ireland and the UK, with her originality she has been releasing her own music, with fast fan growth day by day. In 2022 will be his first tour in Ireland with his original songs.

In addition has been singing since she was a little kid, her dad used to play guitar and there was always music in the house, they used to always sing together and Mel Maryns always had this really good feeling when she used to sing as if that was her destiny. Knowing that, Mel Maryns started writing her own original songs, Mel Maryns learned how to play the piano by teaching herself and watching videos on YouTube.

In 2018 Mel Maryns decided to take a big step on her career as she started Busking ( street performance ) on the streets of Saint Patrick’s Street, Cork and Grafton street, Dublin. The first time Mel Maryns sang on the streets ( busker ), she realised that singing was her passion.

Mel Maryns’s inspired by artists like Guns and Roses, Skid Row, Evanescence, Bon Jovi and just wants the world to hear her music and inspire people.

Mel Maryns has always believed in the principle of ‘practice makes perfect’ and has participated in singing competitions, which has eventually opened new doors to her career and experience.

“I write everything that my heart feels. I start with the melody, then what I want to talk about, and then I write the lyrics. I find inspiration in everything even when I’m having a bad day, which leads me to write sad emotional songs. It’s very rare for me to not have inspiration as I’m always listening to music and reading.

I’ve written all my songs by myself. I’m a very creative person and I love to write. The fact that you can put your feelings into words and melodies is everything to me.”



New Gondoliers is a Croatian based indie-folk / alternative country music band. At the core of the band is Alen Čelić, a singer-songwriter and performance artist. Alen lived most of his youth in Berlin, Germany where he performed in theaters, wrote his music and studied stage movement. Over 10 years ago upon his return to Croatia, Alen Čelić and Veljko Popović formed a duo that worked on songs written by Alen in his career of over 30 years. About two years ago they invited their long time friend Frane Duilo and started recording what would become the first official album of songs by Alen Čelić and the debut album of the New Gondoliers. Along the road, Duje Ružičić and Rudolf Vučemilović joined Alen and Veljko to form the core of the band. 

New Gondoliers are:

Alen Čelić, Vocals and guitar

Veljko Popović, drums and back vocals

Rudolf Vučemilović, bass guitar

Duje Ružičić, trumpet, harmonica



“Songs from the 80’s had amazing melodies and really good hooks; back then it was about the quality of the song, the songwriting, the lyrics; that’s what I’m trying to bring back.  There are many songs from the 80’s that still sounds amazing after all these years.”  

MisterNez uses his talent to bring out emotions with his smooth pop vocals, his catchy pop songs, and his insanely catchy hooks while you scream “remember when music used to sound like this!?”  

After several releases the success of his single, “Don’t Belong To You”, earned MisterNez a spot on SLOW JAMS VOL. 3, with the likes of Chaka Khan, Peabo Bryson, Roberta Flack, and the Commodores….just to name a few. 

With his unique sound and his infectious pop melodies, his songs continue to appeal to his ever-growing audience.  There is no doubt that MisterNez has put the POP back into pop music. 



Keybone is a Nigerian songwriter and recording artist whose interest in music began at a very tender age by making playlists of his favorite artists on cassette tapes. He is a prolific lyricist with a distinct and versatile style with previous releases like Look At Me Now, Let Me Go, and When I Am High off his debut album, Going Pro, Vol. 1.

We often make excuses when music plays and say we don't know how to dance. This music reminds us that dancing only requires trusting in one's body and abilities. Keybone's musical experience allowed him to establish a solid, genuine, and magnificent pop rap sound. Extraordinary genius producer Uncle Joe produced the song and, it was mixed and mastered by Vugar M Beats.


The musician, composer & artist from Croatia does not need elaborate stage shows at all. Follow his invitation to string jumps, moving instrumental music on the acoustic guitar. He redefines the solo guitar performance.

Album "Believe" is out ❗
You can order a CD by email address :

... or download : 

5 out of 5 stars album review for this album. Great writing and arrangements, picking and singing. It’s a winner in my book.


Splitski punk rock bend ŠPURIJUS izdali drugi album 

'Išijas', drugi dugosvirajući album splitskog Špurijusa, napokon je izašao u javnost i to pod etiketom Dallas Records, pune tri godine nakon debitantskog 'Masovnog ukusa'. Vremenski razmak između dva albuma možda je trebao biti kraći jer je bend ušao u studio već pola godine nakon izdavanja prvog albuma, ali je splet raznih nepredviđenih okolnosti usporio rad na materijalima, no bolje ikad nego nikad.

Neobavezni razgovor nakon gostovanja članova benda u radijskoj emisiji koju je vodio vokalni trojac iz TBF-a, urodio je idejom da se u produkciji Saše Antića u Bozon studiju snimi singl 'Barba je partija'. Pošto je samo snimanje proteklo brzo i glatko, lako je pao i dogovor da se snimi kompletan materijal za album pa se bend morao vratiti uvježbavanju i aranžiranju novih pjesama, tako da se samo snimanje odvijalo sporadično, koliko su okolnosti dozvoljavale.

Album se sastoji od 13 živopisnih pjesama sabijenih u 40 minuta, a većinski ih je napisao pjevač Domagoj Božinović, uz pomoć basista Ivice Božića, koji je radio glazbu na dvije stvari. Uz njih dvojicu, u bendu su još i gitarist Boris Tudor te bubnjar Ante Sabalić. Svi zajedno napravili su aranžmane pjesama, uz pomoć suradnika na snimanju. Dok je snimanje albuma trajalo, bend je redom izbacivao singlove 'Barba je partija', 'Psihički nestabilna', 'Dobročinitelji' te '4 banke', a peti singl 'Model 95' ujedno je i najavna tema albuma.

Izvor: Dalmatinski portal


Art Effect je hrvatski pop rock sastav iz Splita koji je nastao 2018. godine.
Prvotna četvorka je okupljena kao brit pop tribute bend, ali su se nakon nekog vremena odlučili
posvetiti stvaranju vlastitih pjesama na hrvatskom jeziku.
Postava članova se stabilizirala početkom 2020. godine kada se Denisu Mitru i Antoniu Žeravici,
gitaristu i basistu benda, pridružuje Mirna Katinac na vokalu, a što je gitarske rock riffove
oplemenilo melodioznim prizvukom i spojilo u jednu neobičnu, ali sada prepoznatljivu
Iste godine pridružuju se i Roko Kalebić na bubnju te Antonio Vuletić na klavijaturama, pa se
kao kompletan glazbeni sastav u ovim izazovnim, reduciranim vremenima posvećuju studijskom snimanju i radu na svom prvom albumu, dok direktan kontakt s publikom na koncertima i
festivalima ne bude opet moguć.
Do sada su izbacili singlove Jedrilica i Zimska kiša koji su po društvenim mrežama i glazbenim
portalima zadobili mnoštvo pozitivnih kritika, a koje je i publika toplo primila. Novi, treći single
Vjetar je upravo vani! Ovaj vjetar grije dušu, stoga ga ne izbjegavajte, već mu dajte da vas nosi u čarobni svijet glazbe i predivnog vokala Mirne Katinac.

Članovi benda:
Denis Mitar – gitara
Antonio Žeravica – bas
Mirna Katinac – vokal
Roko Kalebić – bubnjevi
Antonio Vuletić – klavijature